Event creator Peter Michael Marino knows about bad reviews. His West End musical ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’ was savaged by the press and closed after a month - putting dozens of people out of work.

“When critics give bad reviews, they encourage performers to do one-person shows about those reviews - and we don’t need that to happen! The Critical Mass Tomato Toss is a chance for scorned performers to express their discontent with the press in a safe, messy, and ultimately fun public setting.” - PMM

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Fellow performers, producers, venues, critics, press and onlookers joined us on 15 Aug for the first-ever Ed Fringe Critical Mass Tomato Toss!

Inspired by Spain’s annual Tomatina Festival, this special Edinburgh Fringe event was for anyone who ever dreamed of tossing tomatoes back at the critical faces who’ve taken the piss, slammed their shows, tarnished their names, and lowered audience attendance. BOO!

Of course, it was all in good fun. And raise money for the homeless.

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